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    Dingli's bean dregs dryer



      After being processed, it has the following advantages: fresh bean dregs’s water content is about 90%, its nutritional ingredient is higher than many inferior dregs; the crude protein content is high, especially in hot summer and high temperature, it is easily rotted and mildewed. Dry bean dregs’s crude protein content is three times higher than that of the unhulled rice. It is suitable for nutrition feed for pig, chicken and duck etc.




      Bean dregs dryer is mainly consisted of the heat source(hot blast stove or gas producer furnace), material feeder, rotary drying roller, discharger, induced draft fan, driving device, unloader and power distribution cabinet. After certain degree of dehydration and scattering, wet bean dregs enters into the drying roller through material feeder. Under the stirring of the lifting plates and shoveling plates that distribute evenly inside the roller, the bean dregs scatters evenly and contacts with hot air sufficiently in drying area. This speeds up the drying heat transfer and mass transfer. Wet air is pumped by air-inducing device, which avoids material from being wet again. If you are interested in our company of products, welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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