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    The Advantages of Three-Cylinder Dryer Compared with the Single One



    The follwing is the dingli comapny understanding of the dryer:

    The market is keeping on development, so every dryer manufacturer is exerting all its energies to modify the existing manufacturing technologies of drying equipment. Among the traditional drying machines, single cylinder dryer has a good development. But with more and more similar equipment flowing into the market, the competition of single cylinder dryer becomes increasingly violent. Therefore, the manufacturers have to invest more efforts in product research so as to enhance their product strength and competitiveness. Therefore, the three-cylinder dryer was born.


    Three-cylinder rotary dryer is a type of effective and energy-efficient product modified on the basis of the traditional single cylinder dryer . This type of drying machine has achieved excellent drying effect and well received by many fields. Three-cylinder dryer is modified on internal structure of the traditional dryers, by adding a pre-drying of wet materials and lengthening wet materials' residence time inside the dryer. In addition to good sealing, thermal insulation and reasonable supporting measures, the drying capacity and efficiency of three cylinder dryer are improved obviously. Three-cylinder dryer is of advance technique, rational operating parameters and simple operation, extensively applied to drying various wet materials and other mixture materials.

    Three-cylinder dryer has a high thermal efficiency and outstanding energy-saving effect. The most important difference lies in the lower outlet temperature which is conductive to extending the dust removing system's service life on the tail. We all know that our country is devoting greater efforts in environment protection, so the industrial equipment must reduce the dust in the production course. Therefore, for drying equipment, the de-dusting device is of great importance. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to dingli company ordered products.


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