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    Swirl flash dryer manufacturer process



      Zhengzhou Dingli is a flash dryer manufacturer. Dingli swirl flash dryer is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, food, feed and other industries to disperse granular, powder, paste and filter cake-like fake agglomerated materials. And drying, dryer can be customized production according to user needs.


      Cyclone flash dryer process, the complete set of equipment is composed of key components such as drying host, feeder, heat source device (hot air stove or steam), air filter, blower, cyclone separator, bag filter, induced draft fan and so on. The hot air enters the bottom of the dryer tangentially and forms a powerful rotating wind field driven by the agitator. The paste material enters the dryer from the screw feeder. Under the strong action of the high-speed rotating stirring paddle, the material is dispersed under the action of impact, friction and shearing force. The block material is quickly crushed, fully contacted with hot air, and heated. ,dry. The dehydrated dry material rises with the hot air flow. The classification ring traps large particles, and the small particles are discharged from the dryer from the center of the ring, and are recovered by the cyclone and dust collector. , Fall back to the bottom and be crushed and dried.

      Zhengzhou Dingli provides a variety of flash dryers. Welcome to call 15937125209 for consultation.

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