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    Zhengzhou Dingli was identified as a gazelle enterprise



      Recently, in order to further promote the cultivation of high-growth enterprises such as gazelle and unicorn enterprises, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone has carried out the identification of gazelle and unicorn enterprises in 2019 in accordance with the requirements of superior documents. After the declaration of enterprises, the selection of third-party organizations, and the review of the relevant departments of the Administrative Committee of the High-tech Zone, a total of 109 gazelle and unicorn companies have been identified. Zhengzhou Dingli is honored to be identified as a potential gazelle enterprise and has now passed the publicity period.


      So, what are unicorn companies and gazelle companies?

      Unicorn enterprise: Refers to a company that has not been established for more than ten years, has received private equity investment and has not yet been listed, and has a valuation of more than $ 1 billion.

      Gazelle Enterprise: Refers to small and medium-sized enterprises that have entered the high growth stage with the support of scientific and technological innovation or business model innovation after starting their business.

      Zhengzhou Dingli was identified as a gazelle enterprise this time, which is the recognition of the society and the embodiment of the company's strength. We also believe that with the coming of spring, the company's development will definitely get better and better.

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