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    How much is left after grass is dried?



      What machinery and equipment are used for forage drying and how much is left after drying? Forage dryer manufacturers provide free technical solutions and dryer video materials. Forage drying not only meets the standard moisture, but also has excellent quality in color and taste. 

    grass dryer.jpg

      Forage grass drying adopts the method of fast drying with low-temperature hot air from the drum. The carrier is a three-cylinder dryer with a large processing capacity and an area. The technology is mature. It can be collectively referred to as forage grass dryer. , Alfalfa, oat grass, green corn stalks and other grass feeds are also applicable.

      Forage drying generally removes about 20 tons of water, and the dried forage contains 13% water. Then, a ton of forage with an initial moisture of about 40% is about 0.69 tons after drying. For details, please refer to the technical solution provided by the manufacturer for free.

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