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    Where can I get sand dryer, three-cylinder steam sand dryer offer



      Where can there be dryers to dry the sand to meet the requirements of sand moisture content below 1%? Zhengzhou Dingli rotary  dryer manufacturers gathered, river sand, stone sand, sea sand dehydration and drying equipment is affordable, mature technology, environmentally friendly three-cylinder The steam sand dryer is in line with the requirements of low cost, high output and environmental protection of the project.

      Where can I drying the sand?

      There are many types of dryers, and for sand, whether it is river sand, river sand, sea sand, or artificial sand, they can be quickly dried by mechanized operation. Generally, a three-cylinder dryer is used, which covers a small area and handles Large quantities, with a processing capacity of 300 tons or more per day can be met.

      The three-cylinder dryer is a high-temperature hot-air powerful evaporative moisture drying system with mature production technology and drying system. There are manufacturers of tumble dryers all over the country, and which one is better for sand dryer manufacturers, which is easier to inspect and compare? Zhengzhou Dingli  is a good choice. Manufacturers gather to meet various project budget and quality requirements.

    sand rotary dryer.jpg

      Zhengzhou Dingli dryer manufacturers custom sand drying equipment, model, configuration, material, production line planning and other project construction elements are tailored according to the specific conditions of the user, the price is affordable, at the same time, more than ten years of equipment supply and project construction experience, And has strong technical support, sand dryer technology is mature.

      Quotation of three-cylinder steam sand dryer

      The drum steam sand dryer is an environmentally-friendly equipment launched by our company after the transformation of green production. It is mainly converted by recycling the waste heat of steam to achieve the heat and temperature required for sand drying and dehydration. At present, our steam dryer is not only used for sand drying, but also widely used in coal, feed, slag and other fields. The process is mature, stable and reliable.

      At the same time, our company supplies natural gas sand dryers, that is, using natural gas as fuel, incineration heating, environmental protection and cleanliness. At the same time, the company's drum dryer's heat utilization rate and burner heating rate have been greatly reduced. Burner consumption.

      How much is a steam drum sand dryer and a natural gas dryer?

      Our company will give a preferential quote, give a detailed quotation plan, analyze the drying machine operating cost, configuration list and other information in detail.

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