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    Applicable raw materials for large-scale screw press dewatering machine



      Due to the high moisture content of high-humidity materials, dehydrators are often used before processing through dryers. There are screw press dewatering and belt dewatering equipment. Which raw materials are suitable for large-scale screw press dewatering equipment?

    spiral dehydrator.jpg

      The screw press dewatering machine is suitable for dehydrating high-humidity materials such as distiller's grains, drug residues, potato residues, vinegar residues, soy sauce residues, and kitchen waste. Dingli's screw extrusion dewatering equipment is used in many projects. After the motor runs normally, the material is evenly added from the feeding box.The material after the machine advances in the axial direction driven by the spiral rotating blades. During the advance, the material is affected by the changing pitch and the role of the adjustment baffle, forming a huge squeezing force. The material is mechanically dehydrated under the action of external force, the water is discharged through the screen at the water outlet, and the dehydrated material is discharged at the discharge box.

      Zhengzhou Dingli spiral extrusion dewatering equipment is directly provided by the manufacturer. There are many specifications and models, and the price is cheap.

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