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    Zhengzhou Dingli provides professional services online 24 hours



     The Spring Festival in 2020 is doomed to be unforgettable. A sudden epidemic has set off an epidemic stagnation war throughout the country, and has also broken everyone's plans!

    In the face of the epidemic, Zhengzhou Dingli actively responded to the national call and issued a notice to delay construction. "Stop work without stopping business" has become the consensus of electric power people; serve customers online, provide our customers with sincere service, and embrace 2020 with the best state.

    Gold three silver four. The drying project was under construction at the time. In order to allow users to quickly build the project after resuming work and put into operation to gain revenue, Zhengzhou Dingli started the online office model and worked hard to stop the business, isolate the virus and isolate the service, and reduce the number of meetings. Don't reduce communication.

    During this period, Zhengzhou Dingli's various services will continue to run as usual. If you are interested in our equipment, you can directly inquire online; add WeChat +8615670626070 or call our hotline +8615670626070 directly, there are professional technical staff to provide you 7 × 24 Hour service.

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    If you are interested in our equipment, or if we have anything to help you, you can always call our customer service number: +86 15670626070 You can also communicate with us online, and, you can also leave a message below. We will be happy to serve you!