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    Can corn stalks be dried at high temperature, and a fast and efficient rotary drum dryer



      Can corn stalks be dried at high temperature? At present, the principle of the straw dryer is mainly high-temperature rapid evaporation and dehydration. Therefore, the straw can be dried at high temperature. The dried straw can be used for feed and biomass fuel processing, and can also be used in the fields of papermaking, environmental protection products and the like.

      High-speed rotary dryer for corn straw for fast and efficient drying.

    straw dryer.jpg

      Since the whole corn stalk economy, from corn slag to corn stalk, corn cob and corn husk can be dried at high temperature and used in various industrial fields, the carrier of this kind of drying equipment is a three-cylinder dryer, the principle is high temperature Evaporation and dehydration, unlimited processing capacity, 10 tons of straw or 100 tons can be dried every day. The plant is simple to construct, covers a small area, saves money and time.

      The working principle of the corn straw dryer is mainly that the smashed straw is conveyed to the drum by the conveyor, and a uniform material curtain is formed under the action of the lifting device of the drum. So as to achieve the purpose of drying.

      The drying temperature of corn stalk dryer is generally about 500 to 700 degrees, which is based on the technical solution of the manufacturer. Zhengzhou Dingli straw dryer manufacturer's customized production, tailor-made, free installation and commissioning, make the corn straw dryer production line quickly return and continue production.

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