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    Does the yellow sand dryer have electricity?



      The yellow sand dryer is also a three-layer rotary drum dryer. The core of its drying lies in the high-temperature medium, and the heating source of the high-temperature medium can be a hot blast stove including coal and natural gas burners, or steam. It can be electricity, so the yellow sand dryer can use electricity, but it is also true that the cost is higher.


      The electricity used by the yellow sand dryer is mainly due to environmental protection pressure. However, for users who are not convenient for electricity resources, the cost of industrial electricity is high. Therefore, the economic benefits of drying the yellow sand are weakened. In terms of environmental protection, it is easier to pass the environmental impact assessment, but the users of yellow sand dryers that choose the hot air stove equipped with natural gas or gas incineration are still in the majority.

      The yellow sand dryer can also use steam to replace the electric drying process. Steam drying of yellow sand is a better choice in terms of environmental performance and optimization of drying costs. Therefore, the electricity for yellow sand drying is not a more project-oriented production line, with a variety of choices and reasonable and correct choices based on its own convenient resources.

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