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    Singapore customers visit yeast dryer equipment



      Zhengzhou Dingli recently welcomed several waves of foreign customers to visit and inspect. Singapore customers recently arrived at our company to inspect the yeast dryer equipment. The two sides had a pleasant negotiation on the cooperation of beer yeast drying project.


      Zhengzhou Dingli has more than ten years of experience in the construction of yeast drying projects. At present, high-quality yeast drying projects have not only been established in many regions of China. The equipment has settled in the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Georgia and other regions, and has been praised by many customers. This time, the customers from Singapore visited and inspected our equipment. We formally saw our technical strength. During the inspection and inspection, our technology The staff showed the internal structure of the equipment to the customer, introduced the drying process of the material in the yeast dryer in detail, and the customer expressed the intention of cooperation. I hope the two parties can work together to create an advantageous beer yeast drying project in the local area. The customer hopes that our company can provide high-quality yeast dryers according to their production needs. At present, the two parties have reached preliminary agreement on the project cooperation. The progress of this project is sustainable for everyone. Log in Zhengzhou Dingli website to follow.

      Zhengzhou Dingli Yeast Dryer Equipment is suitable for yeast drying and drying of various slurries. It is especially suitable for brewery recycling of waste yeast. The equipment supports customization. Zhengzhou Dingli also provides follow-up services for equipment installation and commissioning. The equipment consultation hotline: 15937125209.

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