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    Sweet potato residue dewatering machine different dry materials water standard different equipment configuration



      What machine can make the sweet potato slag drastically dehydrate, reduce the water content, extend the shelf life and facilitate transportation? Different dry sweet potato slag water standards have different mechanical equipment configurations. For example, the fresh potato slag treated by the sweet potato slag dewatering machine contains about 60% water, while the sweet potato slag dryer has a precipitation of less than 15%.

      Sweet potato slag dewatering machine


      Some users understand the situation, it is required to use a screw extrusion dewatering machine to dewater the potato residue. The effect of this kind of machine is weak or not ideal. The main reason is that the starch slag including the sweet potato residue has fine particle size and is difficult to dehydrate. The solid material recovery rate is better to use the belt type filter press. This type of belt type dewatering machine belongs to mechanical extrusion dewatering, but the material is repeatedly pressed between the pair of rolls and the filter belt, so compared with the screw extruder The solids recovery rate is higher and the dewatering effect is more ideal.

      Some users do not understand it is easy to be confused by some small manufacturers, the purchase of spiral extrusion dehydrator for dehydration, the dehydration ability of this kind of mechanical equipment is recognized, the price is relatively lower, but it has a certain material particle size requirements, not All high-humidity waste slag is suitable, and the belt type dewatering machine has no material property requirements and is more adaptable.

      Sweet potato residue dryer


      The sweet potato residue dryer belongs to the powerful dewatering machine. After the treatment of the sweet potato residue, the water content of the sweet potato residue can be reduced to less than 15%, satisfying the moisture requirement of the feed mill for the dry sweet potato residue. The storage and transportation are more convenient, the shelf life is longer, and it is convenient for the later period. The production of potato dregs feed.

      The technical process and specification model parameters and quotations of the sweet potato residue dryer can be found on the product details page, or directly consult the Zhengzhou Dingli potato residue dryer manufacturer.


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