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    Which kind of bean dregs dewatering machine is easy to use?



     The bean dreg dehydrator belongs to the extrusion dehydration process by mechanical external force, so it is also called the bean dregs water removal extruder. The common bean dreg dewatering equipment on the market has a half frame filter press, a screw extrusion dewatering machine and a belt filter press. Wait, and which equipment is easy to use?

     Screw ewatering machine

     The extrusion dewatering equipment has relatively low price, stable dewatering effect, short processing cycle, durability and low power, but is suitable for dehydration of high-humidity waste slag with high particle size and high fiber content, and about 60% of dry dewatering capacity. Beer lees, straw, pasture, dregs, tea residue etc.


     Belt ewatering machine

     This kind of machinery is usually used for the dehydration of bean dregs. On the one hand, it has all the advantages of the half-frame filter press and the screw extruder, and the operation is simpler and the footprint is smaller than that of the half-frame filter press, compared with the screw extrusion. Machine, belt filter press adaptability is stronger, distiller's grains, bran, corn slag, corn husk, dregs, tea residue, cassava residue, sweet potato residue, garlic residue and other materials.


     Therefore, the bean dregs dewatering machine adopts the belt filter press machine to be better and more practical. The bean dregs water removal extruder, that is, the belt type filter press machine, is not expensive, and is durable, has a long benefit period, and the output can be customized.

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