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    Which kind of dewatering machine is used for the treatment of waste leaves



      A large number of waste leaves are produced every day in the vegetable farm or vegetable growing base, and these waste leaves can be recycled and used for the production of vegetable feed or fertilizer, but the leaves with high water content are highly perishable, and the utilization of waste leaves is utilized. A dewatering machine is required for extrusion dewatering.


      Which kind of dewatering machine is used for the treatment of waste leaves

      The waste leaf dewatering machine is recommended to use a screw extrusion dewatering machine, which is cost-effective and has a long practical period. The high-humidity materials are common and the power consumption is small. Therefore, the dewatering of the leaves is usually equipped with a screw extruder, which is divided into single-axis dewatering and Double shaft dewatering, the model has regularity and lengthening and widening.

      When you buy equipment, you are more concerned about the quality, price, and after-sales.

      The factors affecting the quality of the waste leaf dewatering machine are: the material of the raw material, the processing technology, especially the material of the wearing parts, whether the motor is a genuine national standard product, which are related to the life of the machine; Regarding the price of equipment, each product and each manufacturer are different. It is necessary to select the same product than the quality and price, and choose a cost-effective equipment. After-sales service is a very important one, which is the guarantee for your normal operation in the future.


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