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    Corn distiller's belt dewatering machine---Dingli Group



     The main carrier of corn distiller's grains, including rice grains and wine slag, such as squeezing dry dewatering, generally uses a belt type dryer to remove the external water from the slag by mechanical squeezing force. The general dewatering method generally has a precipitation capacity of about 55% in dry materials. The dewatering capacity is not limited and the production capacity is not limited.


     Some customers require about 83% of the corn distiller's grains to be dehydrated to about 70%, and the amount of drying is too large, and the dryness and humidity are not controllable. The human input is also large. Therefore, more customers choose the distiller's dewatering machine for solid-liquid separation to meet the needs of post-processing or foreign trade transportation.

     Corn distiller's grains dehydration adopts belt dryer and has high solid recovery rate, stable dewatering effect and large processing capacity. Zhengzhou Jiutian dewatering machine manufacturers can design materials and technology according to customer budget. It can be dehydrated for 8 hours, or can be operated for 10 hours or 24 hours. It has strong bearing capacity and durability and long service life. This is the dehydration of Zhengzhou Jiutian Distillers Grain. The main features of the equipment are also the stable development of the dehydration and drying market in the past few years.

     The belt dryer is not only suitable for dehydration of corn distiller's grains, red wine grains, beer slag and rice grains and wheat grains, but also high-humidity residues such as bean dregs, sweet potato slag, dregs and tea slag can be dehydrated, stable in performance and mature in technology.

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