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    July Foreign Business visited Dingli Group



      With the deepening of world economic integration, Zhengzhou Dingli dewatering and drying equipment has gone abroad and actively explored overseas markets. The products have won the trust and support of users with excellent quality, excellent service and honest quality. Zhengzhou Dingli’s visits to foreign companies are like a surge, let’s review them together:


      In July, Zhengzhou ushered in nearly 20 foreign customers from Vietnam, Lebanon, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, Nigeria, Micron, Thailand, Ghana and other Asian, African and European continents. The manager warmly received the customer and accompanied the customer to visit our company's production workshop and equipment research and development department, and detailed understanding of our company. Through comprehensive inspections of our company's manufacturing capabilities, technology research and development capabilities and product qualifications etc. The customer fully saw the strong strength of Zhengzhou Dingli, and said that Dingli's excellent product quality and warm and thoughtful service is very trustworthy.

      Benefiting from the “The Belt and Road”, Zhengzhou is closely following the pace of the country and combining its own advantages to perfectly combine “going out” and “bringing in”, conforming to the trend of the times and making full use of the development of countries and regions along the “The Belt and Road”. Space, open up overseas markets, form its own innovative development model, and write a new chapter of “The Belt and Road, Cooperation and Win-Win” with practical actions.

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