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    Bean dregs drying machine equipment-How much is the bean dregs dewatering machine



      Bean dregs dryer has good economic value after being mixed with the dregs feed. Therefore, bean dregs drying machine equipment and the bean dregs dewatering machine have a good demand in the market, and the belt type dewatering machine is equipped with three cylinders for drying. The machine is a more common form, with good dewatering effect, low cost and mature technology.

    bean dregs dryer.jpg

        Bean dregs dewatering machine

        The belt filter press is more suitable for the dehydration of waste residue such as bean curd residue, bean dregs, sweet potato residue, distiller's grains, tea residue, bran, corn husk and the like with water content up to 80%. The solid material recovery rate is high, durable, low power consumption and adaptability. Strong, high-load operation, continuous 24 hours of work, to meet the customer's waste residue treatment needs, at the same time, can be seamlessly docked with the tumble dryer to meet the capacity requirements of the drying line.

      The belt filter press belongs to pre-dewatering treatment, and is dehydrated by mechanical pressing force. The water content of the dehydrated bean curd slag reaches 55 to 60%. For deep dewatering, it is necessary to pass the bean curd residue drying machinery.

      Bean dregs dryer

      The bean dregs drying machine adopts a paddle stirring drying structure, which is divided into two drying steps. First, the wet bean dregs enters the tumble dryer, and under the action of the blade continuously dispersing and the shock cleaning device, Uniform heating, rapid drying, after reaching 35% water content, enter the pulverizing system, the particle size reaches about 1 mm into the airflow drying process, the dry material reaches the water content of about 12%, and the exhaust gas enters the dust removal and purification system to achieve the environmental impact assessment. After being required to be discharged into the atmosphere, the tofu drying process is officially completed.

      Bean dregs drying machinery equipment and bean dregs dewatering machine how much money. Zhengzhou Dingli free offer quotation program, including the entire equipment footprint, cost analysis, manufacturer case project introduction, specific process, drawings and other content for customer reference.

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